Australasian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association

ANMDA Annual CME and AGM 2022

ANMDA AGM was held on 19 November 2022 Saturday Morning. This was attended by our medical and dental practitioner colleagues from NSW on-site. Interstate colleagues attended remotely by zoom.

CME, the first component, covered interesting topics covering a varieties topics in the field of medical and dental sciences. Dr Bhuwan Kandel, Paediatrician, presented The Crying Baby, Dr Kundan Giri, General Practitioner, presented Dilemma and Men’s Plumbing Issues; Dr Anil Sharma, Ophthalmologist – (remote), presented Pandemic and Eye Presentations, Dr Ravi Thapaliya, Rehab Physician presented Colors of Pain, Dr Arjun Burlakoti, Assistant Professor, Clinical Anatomy presented Brain dissection, vascular variations and pathologies, Dr Sujata Thapaliya, Dental Practitioner presented Tips and Tricks to Keep Dentists Away, Dr Chandrakala Neupane, General Practitioner presented Common Vitamin Deficiencies in General Practice  Dr Ritesh Chimoriya/Dr Milan Piya, Endocrinology presented DiRECT Diabetes Remission Service: Changing the Treatment Paradigm, Dr Nabin Dangal, Geriatrician presented A tale of 2 oldies  (Remote) Dr Ranjan Lal Shrestha, Respiratory Physician presented When you can’t breathe….Nothing else matters  (Remote).

We also had a presentation by Dr Amrit Pokhrel, an AMC candidate, on Challenges faced by IMGs for transition into the Australian Health system, which highlighted the importance of guidance for international medical graduates medical and dental practitioners while exploring job opportunities in Australia (Remote). Dr Usha Pokharel gave an inspiring talk on how persistence helped her find a job.

Dr Ramesh Bhattarai, Dean, Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, introduced  Karnali Academy of Health Sciences and provided some ideas on potential collaboration avenues (Remote).

We also had feedback from a variety of health providers on short and long terms opportunities for early-career IMG medical and dental practitioners to financially sustain themselves in Australia before getting jobs in their respective fields. We also had a recruitment staff from the NSW Department of Health presenting on the process of getting government jobs.

The morning session concluded with AGM (non-election year), in which Dr Anupam Pokharel, President, presented activities for 2021-2022, and Dr Sirjana Sharma, the Treasurer, presented the current financial status and income expense for 2021-2022.


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