Australasian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association


Australasian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association (ANMDA) Western Australian branch organized its mid-year meet on Saturday 30th July 2022. It was held at the function center of one of the restaurants in Perth. The program was opened by Dr Jyotsana Pradhan, the immediate past coordinator of the ANMDA WA branch. This was attended by 20 medical practitioners and family members. The members ranged from General practitioners, physicians, surgeons, Residents and newcomer doctors preparing for their exams. This was a family friendly event with a large number of children and some parents.


The program started with a short presentation by Dr Nabin Dangal, coordinator of the ANMDA WA branch about the role of ANMDA WA and its aims and objectives. We discussed about our role in the Nepalese society of WA and the programs that can be done to engage the Nepalese community. We also discussed about the ways in which the association can help the newcomers. We got commitment from some of the senior practitioners ready to provide observership to the newcomers to help them get familiar with Australian medical system.    This was followed by a formal introduction program where the participants introduced themselves. This helped all the participants, new and old to know each other and what everyone is doing. This program was followed by some entrée meals that was enjoyed in a cordial manner with the participants mingling with each other.

The entrée was followed by an informal cultural program where most of the participants tried to showcase their best dance moves.

Then came one of the best parts of the day when we had a fun filled game of “truth or dare” in Nepali way. All the participants got to perform an act ranging from “singing Bhajans” to “proposing your first date”. It was challenging for some and “piece of cake” for others. The best part was watching the unseen skills of our medicos.


And then dinner was served. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and drinks. This was followed by a program called “Medical Humor”, a PowerPoint presentation of the various funniest medical photos and videos.


At the end it was our usual way of ending the program by singing our hearts out to our favorite Nepali songs with Dr Saurav Shrestha in Guitar and Dr Sanjeev Rana as a singer.


It was an epic program after all. Everyone was left for wanting more. At the spot we decided to do a winter and a summer meet of the WA branch every year. We are all looking forward to the summer program. We would like to invite our colleagues from the eastern estate to join us. We can assure you, we do it best here in the west.


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