Australasian Nepalese Medical and Dental Association

ANMDA AGM 2023 Elects New Committee

ANMDA CME, AGM, and social was held in the popular destination the Country Club, Launceston on 18 November 2023.


Prof Dr George Razey, Physician (TAS), Dr Sharad Man Tamrakar, Psychiatrist (TAS), Dr Ritesh Bhandari, Advanced Trainee Gen Med (TAS), Dr Niranjan Sharma, General Practitioner (NZ), Dr Atul Dhital, Emergency Physician (QLD), Dr Arjun Burlakoti, Anatomist (SA) and Dr Khageswar Pokharel, Oncologist (QLD) did presentations on various scientific topics.

The final talk was by Dr Kamal Aryal, Colorectal Surgeon and Immediate Past President of NDA UK on how the NDA evolved in the UK over the past 38 years and possible mutual areas of work.


AGM was attended by 22 of its members in person and 14 attended remotely via Zoom. There was 66% attendance of its 54 current financial members.

AGM ratified an agenda item to include the immediate past president in the new executive committee as a member with a majority vote.

Outgoing president Dr Anupam Pokharel presented ANMDA’s annual work. Dr Sirjana Sharma, the outgoing treasurer, presented ANMDA’s income and expenses and asset/liability statement for 2022-2023.

AGM elected following new committee members (2023-2025)

President: Dr Mahesh Dhakal (TAS)

Vice President – Dental: Dr Sujata Thapaliya (NSW)

Vice President – Medical: Dr Milan Piya (NSW)

Treasurer: Dr Mirenda Shakya (VIC)

General Secretary: Dr Sandesh Pantha (VIC)

Joint Secretary: Dr Amrit Pokhrel (NSW)


State Coordinators (Executive Committee Members)

ACT: Dr Pawan Pyakurel

NSW: Dr Jyoti Baskota

NT: Dr Ritesh Bhandari

QLD: Dr Atul Dhital

SA: Dr Arjun Burlakoti

TAS: Dr Neeraj Uprety

VIC: Dr Bikash Awale

WA: Dr Nabin Dangal

New Zealand: Dr Niranjan Sharma



On a fun-filled night, this Launceston program was attended by ANMDA members and their families.

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